Supports for English Learners

College Board will continue to offer testing supports for English learners (EL) for the PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and SAT School Day assessments.

Supports include these:

  • Translated test directions
  • Use of approved bilingual word-to-word dictionaries
  • 50% extended testing time

Who's Eligible

Students who meet the following criteria at the time of testing can use EL supports:

  • They're enrolled in an elementary or secondary school in the U.S. or U.S. territories.
  • They're an English learner as defined by their state or by federal policy.
  • They use the same supports in class or for other assessments.

Available Testing Supports

Some EL students may need to use more than one of these testing supports:

Translated Test Directions

Test directions are available in 18 languages. Download the translated directions and give them to students on test day. Translated directions will be available before testing begins in March.

Translated Test Directions

Word-to-Word Dictionaries

The bilingual word-to-word dictionaries students use on test day must be from College Board's approved list. Schools can provide the dictionaries to students on test day, collecting them when testing is complete.

50% Extended Time

To ensure that a student's test is configured with the correct amount of testing time, SSD coordinators must request extended time in the EL Supports tool, which is part of SSD Online. Schools don't need to submit documentation, but students should use extended time only if they have a documented need.

After requests are approved, students' names will be listed in Test Day Toolkit so that coordinators will be able to assign them to the correct rooms. Students using extended time for EL purposes will test in the same rooms as all other students using extended time for the Reading and Writing section.

Extended time for EL students can be used only during the academic year for which it was requested. Unlike accommodations for students with disabilities, EL supports are temporary.

Deadline to Request Extended Time

Typically, deadlines to request extended time for EL students aligns with the deadline for accommodation requests. Refer to the deadlines provided as part of your training materials for specific deadlines for your state.

If you offer assessments as part of a state contract, your deadlines might be different. Contact your state with questions about the deadlines for your school.