Set Up Test Day Toolkit for SAT Suite

If you're participating in state-provided testing, complete the steps below when you get an email telling you Test Day Toolkit is ready for your administrations of SAT School Day and PSAT-related assessments.


  1. Sign in to Test Day Toolkit with your College Board account.
    • Returning users can go to
    • If it's your first time using Test Day Toolkit, click the link in the access email we send you and follow the onscreen instructions. The email will have "Test Day Toolkit" in the subject line.
    • Choose a way for us to send you a code (text, voice message, or email).
    • Enter the code we send you.
  2. Create your staff list. Note: Skip this step if you followed your state's instructions for submitting details about testing rooms and staff.
    • Navigate to the Staff page.
    • Add contact details for your proctors and other test day staff.
    • Timesaver: If you've used the toolkit before, select returning staff from your staff list.
    • We'll send access emails to all staff and use the contact details you provide for 2-step verification.
    • As part of 2-step verification, we send staff a code that expires after 3 minutes. Mobile numbers make first-time access easier.
  3. Review your roster for missing students or incorrect data.
    • Navigate to the All Students page to view your roster.
    • Follow your state's instructions if students are missing or you find errors.
  4. Add testing rooms. Note: Skip this step if you followed your state's instructions for submitting details about testing rooms and staff. Important: If you're reusing rooms within the testing window, pay close attention to the special instructions below.
    • Navigate to All Rooms.
    • Give each room a seating capacity and a name.
    • If you're testing in the same physical room multiple times, you must add a room in Test Day Toolkit for each session to create unique student rosters.
    • If any students have accommodations that require testing over multiple days, add a separate room in Test Day Toolkit for each day of testing, even if you plan to use the same space. Get complete instructions in the Accommodations Guide.
    • To give each room a unique name, add the month and day after the room name. If necessary, add the time, too, using letters and numbers only. For example, create rooms called "Cafeteria Oct 6 AM" and "Cafeteria Oct 6 PM" if you're using the cafeteria to test one group in the morning and another group in the afternoon.
  5. Recommended: Add a late room.
    • If possible, reserve a room for students who arrive at their assigned room after the proctor reads the script.
    • Note: If you preassign students to rooms in Test Day Toolkit, you or your staff will need to reassign late students before they enter a room code.
  6. Optional: Assign students to rooms.
    • On the All Students page, filter or sort your roster by testing group.
    • Select multiple students and use the Action drop-down menu to move them to rooms in bulk.
    • The Test Coordinator Manual and the Accommodations Guide have more information about testing groups and room assignments.
    • To test students in different testing groups in the same room, skip this step and simply instruct students to sit in the selected room. The toolkit will create a room roster on test day when students enter the room code their proctor gives them.
    • Tip: After you assign students to rooms, you can export room assignments by navigating to Bluebook Sign-In Tickets and Data Export.
  7. Check room assignments of students approved for small-group testing.
    • Look in the Accommodations column on your roster for students approved for small-group testing.
    • If any student approved for small-group testing is assigned to a room with more than 15 seats, move them to a smaller room.
    • Move each student approved for one-to-one testing to their own room.
  8. Assign staff to roles and rooms.
    • Navigate to All Rooms.
    • Use the Click to add links to select staff for each room.
    • Proctors can be assigned to only 1 room at a time. If someone is proctoring multiple times during the testing window, assign them to a new room after each session.
    • Assign room monitors as needed to meet required staffing ratios.
    • Assign 1 or more technology monitors by selecting Technology coordinator.
    • Don't assign technology monitors to a room.
  9. When you're ready, print student sign-in tickets.
    • Click Bluebook Sign-In Tickets and Data Export on the Test Day Toolkit homepage.
    • On the Print Tickets tab, select a print option. Choose between alphabetical or by room (if students are assigned to rooms in the toolkit).
    • Click Print Tickets.
  10. To update your staff and room list later, refer to the FAQs below.


How do I add staff to Test Day Toolkit?
Go to the Test Day Toolkit Staff page and click Add Staff to open the new staff form. If you've used Test Day Toolkit before, you can add returning staff by selecting them from your staff list.

How do I edit staff information?
To update staff contact details or change their room and role assignment, go to the Test Day Toolkit Staff page, click a name on the staff list, then click Edit.

How do I add rooms?
To add rooms in Test Day Toolkit, click Add Rooms and enter a name and seating capacity for each room. If you've used the toolkit before, you can import rooms from a previous administration instead.

How do I edit and delete rooms?
To edit a room in Test Day Toolkit, click a room name on the room list. On the proctor welcome screen, click Coordinator Tools in the top right corner and click Edit Room.

You can edit the name and seating capacity, assign staff, and delete the room. SAT Weekend test coordinators can also assign a testing group.