Test Administration Training

All test day staff are required to complete spring 2024 test administration training which covers important topics on how to prepare for a digital administration. Self-paced, online training modules are available through our online learning system about 4–6 weeks before the start of the testing window. Test coordinators will get an email when it's available and should notify test day staff. You'll need a College Board professional account to sign in and can create one if you don't already have one.

While the training covers all assessments in the SAT Suite, testing staff can tailor the content to the assessments they'll be administering. The entire course can be completed in just over an hour, and experienced testing staff who have already administered digital SAT Suite assessments can condense the content even further.

Note: This is the only online training staff are required to complete to prepare for their administration; any webinars you may receive invitations for are optional.

Use the information below to learn more about the required training, including what's covered, who should complete it and when, and other important notes.

Training Topics

The training topics will vary by your test day role, but some common topics include:

  • Policies and procedures for digital testing
  • Using Test Day Toolkit
  • Bluebook™ digital testing application for students
  • Testing students with accommodations or English language supports
  • Device requirements for students and staff

Staff Needed

Training is required for the following staff who have a test day role:

  • School test coordinator
  • SSD coordinator
  • Proctor/Room monitor
  • Hall monitor
  • Technology monitor

Note: Staff that are assigned the SAT Suite Data Coordinator or SAT Suite registration role can review an optional SSOR Training module Upload Student Registration Data.


Test coordinators should complete the Test Coordinator Planning section of their training as soon as they can after training opens, which is about four to 6 weeks before the testing window opens. All test day staff should plan to complete their training at least one to two weeks before test day. Your progress will be saved so you don't have to complete the training in one sitting. Once the training is completed, you'll be able to print a certificate of completion. You'll also be able to log back in and review the training at any time.


Use the tips and notes below for helpful information on how to access the training.

  • You'll need your school's AI code to access the training. To find your AI code, use the K–12 School Code Search tool to look up your institution by school name and zip code.
  • You can access the training directly from your College Board dashboard. Select Test Administration Training for the SAT Suite of Assessments under My Tools and Services in your dashboard.
  • Use a College Board-supported browser: Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, and ensure pop-ups are enabled.
  • If you have any problems accessing the online learning portal, try clearing your browser's cache or temporary internet files.
  • If you're supporting additional tests, such as SAT Weekend, you'll need to access the related training courses separately. Sign out and sign back into your College Board professional account to view additional courses.