You will be invoiced for the total number of students with submitted tests by the end of the testing window (April 26). Your invoice will be emailed to the billing contact provided on your order. No additional actions are required to receive your invoice after the testing window closes.

Plan for your payment:

  Test Dates:
Oct 2–31, 2023
Test Dates:
Mar 4–Apr 26, 2024
Invoices are emailed to the billing contact listed on the order Early Dec, 2023 Early May, 2024

Updates to Invoice Payment Details for 2023–24

Payment details for PSAT-related assessment invoices changed beginning with the fall 2023 administration. The remit to information for SAT School Day invoices is unchanged and is the same as the remit to information below.

For check payments only (not including purchase orders):

College Board
P.O. Box 30171
New York, NY 10087-0171

For PSAT-related assessment invoices prior to fall 2023 administrations, check payments should continue to be sent to:

12192 Collection Center Drive
Chicago, IL 60693

All check payments should be payable in U.S. dollars and drawn from a U.S. bank.

The following additional payment options are available for SAT School Day and PSAT-related assessment invoices.

For credit card payments:

Visit our secure online payment portal.

For wire/ACH payments:

Send an email to [email protected] to receive updated banking details.

Purchase Orders

If you require a purchase order number to display on your invoice, district/school staff authorized to place orders should enter it into the assessment order in the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration site prior to the initial invoice generation. Check with your organization's SAT Suite Ordering/Registration access manager if you're unsure of the authorized person to place orders.

Contact Us

If you have any billing-related questions, please contact us:

  • For PSAT-related assessments beginning with the fall 2023 administration: [email protected]
  • For PSAT-related assessments prior to the fall 2023 administration: 888-477-7728
  • For SAT School Day: [email protected]