Proctors are responsible for conducting a secure, valid administration. They're accountable for everyone in the testing room and everything that takes place in their room.

They must follow all testing regulations and refrain from engaging in any tasks unrelated to testing. Proctors should be current faculty members or other professional staff members of your institution.

Responsibilities include:

  • Complete training and read the Proctor Manual (see below-linked resources) before test day. It contains all of the details and information you need to prepare for and know what to expect on test day.
  • Before test day, sign in to Test Day Toolkit with a College Board professional account. On test day:
    • Post check-in instructions, Wi-Fi name, password, and room code.
    • Distribute student sign-in tickets to each student. Your test coordinator should print these from Test Day Toolkit.
    • Use Test Day Toolkit on your device to take attendance, start testing, and monitor the test.
    • Read a short proctor script, check desks, and provide students with the start code.
    • Follow seating requirements when assigning and directing students to seats in the testing room.
    • Actively monitor students throughout testing.
    • Refer students that require technical support to the help room.
    • Submit irregularities in Test Day Toolkit.

Proctor Resources

Prepare for Test Day:

Bring to the Testing Room:

  • Seating Chart
    Proctors use this paper chart to record student seat assignments in their testing room.
  • "Do Not Close Device" Poster
    Print and display this flyer in the testing rooms so students know what it looks like when they successfully submit their answers in the Bluebook testing app.
  • Bluebook Check-in Poster
    Print and display this flyer in the testing rooms so students know your school's Wi-Fi information before signing into the Bluebook testing app.