Testing with Accommodations

Making sure that students with disabilities can test with accommodations is important to us. If a student has a College Board–approved accommodation, it will be applied to their digital exams, too. When students take a digital exam in Bluebook™, they'll see a personal information screen that lists their name and any accommodations they're approved for.

  1. Learn about accommodations on the digital test. Some accommodations work differently on a digital test than with a paper and pencil test. Get more information about testing with accommodations.
  2. The SSD Coordinator partners with the Test Coordinator to get approval for students who need accommodations.
    • To take SAT School Day or any of the PSAT-related assessments (including PSAT 8/9) with accommodations, students with documented disabilities must request accommodations from the College Board SSD department. Visit How to Request Accommodations to learn more, and then come back here to continue through the required steps.
    • Students already approved for accommodations on College Board tests don't need to reapply for spring testing, but you may have newly enrolled students or EL students who need the English Learner (EL) support of extended time.
    • Make sure accommodations are requested in time for your testing start date. Start the process right away—requests must be submitted at least 7 weeks before test day.
  3. Ahead of test day, review your state handbook with the SSD Coordinator. It contains information on accommodations and supports verification steps to ensure students have the accommodations they'll need.
  4. Start planning for testing students with different timing, breaks, or other accommodations that affect their room assignments. Find more information in the Accommodations Guide.
    • Students in the same group type (for example, S1) may be timed differently if students have unlike break times. To minimize disruptions and students testing on varying schedules, you may want to work with the test coordinator to organize students in rooms with similar break times instead of relying only on group types.
  5. If you have students approved for testing with a screen reader, dictation, or other assistive technology (AT), the SSD coordinator needs to work with your school's technology coordinator to ensure students using AT have the proper setup on their testing devices.


  • State-Provided SAT Suite Accommodations Guide
    Learn about the different accommodations available for the digital SAT Suite and how to administer them to students taking the state-provided assessments.
  • Note: Colorado testing staff should visit their state-specific website to download their custom Colorado Accommodations Guide: collegeboard.org/Colorado