Data Coordinator

The data coordinator is responsible for managing student enrollment data. Staff with the SAT Suite data coordinator role can upload test taker data for test registration in SSOR. The access manager may want to assign this role to a staff member responsible for pulling test taker data from their institution's student information systems and submitting that data into SSOR for test registration. The access manager should assign the data coordinator the SAT Suite data coordinator role in the Managing Access tool.

Data coordinators can review the Registration topic in the optional SSOR training course.

Your tasks fall 4 weeks before test day. Review the Digital In-School Testing Checklist to see where this falls with all other milestones.

Milestone Action Items
Initial Registration
IMPORTANT: Plan to upload data when the enrollment data has settled for the majority of testers. Schools or districts with a high degree of student mobility may want to wait until after the first few days of school to upload.
Data Coordinator
  • Submit initial registration file in SSOR. Your district may also submit this file on behalf of your school. Once you've completed the submission, email your test coordinator and SSD coordinator letting them know it's ready for validation.

Schools and Districts: If a district orders the tests, they have the option to assign the responsibility for uploading and submitting data in Step 1 of the registration process in SSOR (as explained in the Registration Guide) to the school. Schools and districts should coordinator together on who will be uploading and submitting the data. Data must be submitted, and the registration roster created before school staff assigned the registration role can view and validate student data and register students.

Districts: Districts can only submit data for tests they have ordered where they indicate on the order that they will submit data for their schools. In some cases, this means that data will be submitted by both district and school. For example, if the district orders for 11th graders to test, and a school orders for 10th graders to test, the district will submit only 11th-grade data, and the school will have to submit 10th-grade data. Help Center for Districts Once a district has submitted data for an assessment, they cannot edit or submit a replacement file for their data.

Schools: If their district indicates in their order that schools will submit data, schools will submit student data associated with the district order.

  • School data coordinators have the ability to submit a full replacement file if they find data uploaded by the school or district contains major errors. After this point, schools are responsible for fulfilling the SAT Suite registration role described under 1-Role Setup Using the Managing Access Tool.