Technology Coordinator

School or district technology staff must have the expertise and admin rights to install Bluebook on managed devices and configure the network (or manage staff who do). Go to Bluebook Technology for Professionals for all specifications and guidance needed to complete these technical readiness tasks:

4–5 Weeks Before Testing Starts

  1. If using school-managed devices for testing, work with the test coordinator to ensure sufficient inventory for testing.
  2. Install Bluebook on managed devices.
  3. Test the network speed in each testing room to confirm it can support all assigned test takers.
  4. Make sure all testing staff and students can access the internet. If staff or students will use personal devices, you may need to set up a guest network.

1–2 Weeks Before Testing Starts

  1. Work with the test coordinator and technology staff to ensure that managed devices for ready for testing.
  2. Work with the SSD Coordinator and test coordinator to ensure that managed devices for students testing with assistive technology accommodations have the accessibility features set up and configured correctly.
  3. Configure your network to let required traffic pass through. Make sure you account for all security appliances and software.