Test Coordinator

Reminder: You'll use the Test Coordinator Manual for all test preparation and test day activities.

The test coordinator is responsible for the step Validate Uploaded Data and Register Students. Test coordinators will be granted access by their organization's SSOR access manager. Test coordinators will review the data uploaded and have the ability to view, validate, and update records in SSOR. They will also work with their school's SSD coordinator to ensure students that require accommodations have them appended to their record in SSOR. Once data and accommodations validation is complete, the test coordinator will register the student in SSOR. Once registered, students will appear in Test Day Toolkit within 2 business days, and maybe sooner.

The test coordinator is expected to be at the school to supervise all activities related to the test administration. If your school is testing fewer than 35 students in the same room, the test coordinator can take on 1 additional role by also serving as the proctor, monitor, or technology monitor. If the coordinator will be proctoring the room, a separate hall monitor needs to be recruited so two staff members are present on test day.

Test Coordinator Tasks

Follow the Digital In-School Testing Checklist steps to learn your specific tasks and timelines. You'll also use your Test Coordinator Resources to prepare for testing.

Your Test Coordinator Manual contains detailed Test Coordinator Checklist and Test Coordinator Planning chapters with all of the approaching milestones to help you keep on track and be prepared for test day.

SAT Suite Registration Role

After a student registration data file is submitted in SSOR, data can only be updated by the "SAT Suite registration role(s)." This should be the test coordinator at the school and the SSD coordinator. The data coordinator should notify the staff assigned the registration role when data is submitted so they can validate and register students.

School staff with this role can view, validate, and update the data submitted to the SSOR registration roster. Schools are responsible for validating and making updates to data submitted by the district or their school. Schools should assign this role to test coordinators and/or SSD coordinators responsible for validating and registering students to test.

If your district has strict rules on management of registration data, district-level staff may be assigned to the SAT Suite registration role for each school to manage changes.

Important: This role needs to be someone who knows the students and can validate that their data, including any accommodations, is accurate. More than one person can be assigned to this role.

Test Coordinator Resources

Register and Validate:

Prepare Students:

Prepare for Test Day:

  • Test Coordinator Manual
    This manual provides policies and instructions for test coordinators administering the SAT Suite of Assessments.
  • SAT Suite Accommodations Guide
    Learn about the different accommodations available for the digital SAT Suite and how to administer them to students.

Prepare Staff by Distributing: