Digital Readiness Check

Before testing, schools should complete a digital readiness check with their students. In this session, students will sign in to Bluebook™, run a quick device check, complete exam setup, and try out a test preview. All students are required to complete exam setup before testing.

The digital readiness check can be completed in 30 minutes or less. We suggest completing this session as soon as possible, but no later than 1–2 weeks before test day. Each school will need to complete the digital readiness check for each test administration within the testing window.

There is a digital readiness check chapter in both the Test Coordinator Manual and Proctor Manual with comprehensive instructions for preparing for and administering the readiness check.

Tickets

Test coordinators will need to print sign-in tickets from Test Day Toolkit for all students in each testing room before the digital readiness check.

  • In Test Day Toolkit, test coordinators will click Downloads on the homepage to print sign-in tickets for the digital readiness check. Printing sign-in tickets won't launch the test.
  • Students will use the information printed on their ticket to access Bluebook. Students aren't expected to hold onto their sign-in ticket after the digital readiness check. Instructions for distributing sign-in tickets are in the digital readiness check section of the Test Coordinator Manual.

Do not use Test Day Toolkit during the digital readiness check. Once the test coordinators have printed the sign-in tickets, they won't use Test Day Toolkit again for the digital readiness check. The digital readiness check is completed in Bluebook.

Exam Setup and Test Preview

To complete exam setup and test preview, students will use their sign-in tickets to sign in to Bluebook.

  • They'll find their tests listed under Your Tests and select Start Exam Setup. Bluebook will guide students through the pages they need to see. Once students complete exam setup, they'll take a test preview.
  • Students should not try to check in to their test. If they see a screen asking them to enter the room code, they're in the check-in flow. They need to exit and return to the Bluebook homepage. The test coordinator should then direct them to take a test preview.

Important: Do not provide room or start codes before test day. Practice doesn't require a room or start code—if students are prompted for a room code, they're not looking at a test preview or a practice test.

The test coordinator will schedule and set up the digital readiness check session. A proctor or other staff member will carry out the digital readiness check tasks with the students who are testing. Ensure all testing staff have the information in the digital readiness check section of the manual to help prepare for and hold the session.