SSD Coordinator

The SSD coordinator is responsible for supporting students who will be testing with accommodations. Follow the Digital In-School Testing Checklist steps to learn your specific tasks and timelines. You'll also use your SSD Coordinator Resources to prepare for testing.

SAT Suite Registration Role

After a student registration data file is submitted in SSOR, data can only be updated by the "SAT Suite registration role(s)." This should be the test coordinator at the school and the SSD coordinator. The data coordinator should notify the staff assigned the registration role when data is submitted so they can validate and register students.

School staff with this role can view, validate, and update the data submitted to the SSOR registration roster. Schools are responsible for validating and making updates to data submitted by the district or their school. Schools should assign this role to test coordinators and/or SSD coordinators responsible for validating and registering students to test.

If your district has strict rules on management of registration data, district-level staff may be assigned to the SAT Suite registration role for each school to manage changes.

Important: This role needs to be someone who knows the students and can validate that their data, including any accommodations, is accurate. More than one person can be assigned to this role.

Accommodations on Digital Tests

Students with accommodations receive them within the digital exam. For example, Bluebook handles accommodated breaks for each student as follows:

  • Students approved for extra breaks receive breaks automatically between modules and sections of the test. The student doesn’t need to pause the test.
  • Students approved for extended (longer) breaks receive breaks that are twice as long as the breaks they would otherwise receive. They won’t need to pause the test.
  • Students approved for breaks as needed will see a Pause button that allows them to activate a break whenever it’s needed. The number and length of breaks will vary.
  • Extended time testing includes additional breaks between relevant modules of the test and may include a longer nutrition break between sections.

See the SAT Suite Accommodations Guide for more information about how accommodations are provided in digital testing, including paper supplements/tests.

SSD Coordinator Resources

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