Role Setup Using the Managing Access Tool

Authorized users manage ordering and registration for the SAT Suite of Assessments in the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration (SSOR) site.

Access to SSOR is handled by your access manager using the Managing Access tool. See the Accessing section of the SSOR Help page for more information about this critical step: SSOR Help Center for Schools, and SSOR Help Center for Districts.

Before schools can order tests, the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration Access Manager (typically the district or school test coordinator) will need to complete the following four steps in the Managing Access tool.

  1. Set up roles for ordering and registration:
    • District and school test coordinators have already received an email with access to the College Board's Managing Access tool.
  2. SAT Suite Ordering Role:
    • Give access to the person responsible for ordering tests (also called the Purchaser).
    • This role will also:
      • Select the number of students testing, the grades testing, and when testing will start.
      • Identify additional staff needed for testing in SSOR.
  3. SAT Suite Data Coordinator Role:
    • Give access to the person responsible for managing student enrollment data.
    • Upload and submit student data in SSOR.
    • You may need to work with your district or student information system administrator to extract and format student data from your systems to create your SSOR student registration data file upload.
  4. SAT Suite Registration Role:
    • Give access to the test coordinator and SSD coordinator.
    • These roles will review registration data uploaded and submitted by the Data Coordinator in SSOR to make sure it matches the students who will be testing.
    • The SSD coordinator will ensure that students' accommodation information is accurate.
    • Once these steps have been completed, the test coordinator will register the students who will be testing using the Register Students option in SSOR.